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Prices are subject to change without notice.
Cushions & Covers
M Bunk Cushions
(2) Side Berth Cushion, 3 inch foam with web back and velcro attachment. Choice of Sunbrella Fabric $640.00
M242 Mainsail Boom Cover
Not Available - M 242 Boom Cover, Sunbrella - Red, Black, Beige or Blue $0.00
M242 Jib Cover
M242 Jib Cover - Sunbrella - Red, Black, Beige or Blue Jib sock with lace up to prevent chaffing $400.00
Deck Hardware
M 242 Stanchion
Each Stainless Steel Stanchions $45.00
M 242 Stanction Base
Each Stainless Steel Stanchion Base $45.00
M Aft Turning Block
Single/Swivel Carbo Turning Block for spinnaker sheets $21.00
M Bow Eyes
Bow Eyes $12.00
M Bow Pulpit
Stainless Steel Bow Pulpit w/mounting bracket for running light $390.00
M Carbo Rachamatic
Harken 57mm Carbo Rachamatic for Spinnaker sheets $65.00
M Deck Organizer
Harken Deck Organizer $100.00
M Foot Rails
1 Set (4) of Stainless Steel Foot Railings $300.00
M Jib Block
Jib Block $29.20
M Jib Car
Jib Lead $51.90
M Jib Track
Jib Track $22.25
M Mainsheet Rachet
Mainsheet Little Hexarachet $61.00
M Mainsheet Swivel
Mainsheet Base Block Swivel W/150 Cam $90.00
M MainSheet Turning Blk
Harken 29mm Carbo Turning Block W/Becket $18.00
M Stern Cleats
HL 6" Aluminum Stern Cleats $48.00
M Stern Railing
Stainless Steele Stern Railings w/mount bracket for running light $500.00
M Through Deck Fitting
Stainless Steele Through Deck Fitting for hoist sling hole $50.00
M Transom Mount
Transom Bracket for Outboard Motor Mount $78.00
M TravCar-HL
HL Traveler Car w/fixed sheaves/eyestrap $135.00
M Traveler Track
Traveler Track - Hi Beam $84.00
M Traveler End Stops
End Stops for traveler $26.00
M Trvlr Assmbly Fairleads
Fairlead for traveler car cleats $6.00
M Trvlr EyeStrap W/Block
Fixed stand-up block with eyestrap for traveler fairlead $15.00
M U Bolts
Ronstan 544 extra long U bolts fitted for shrouds with reinforced railing $26.00
M Winches
Harken 6 inch 1 Speed Winch - B6A $166.00
Foils & Parts
Rudder with custom milled shaft
Rudder shaft is milled to fit existing tiller head or new tiller head. $1,100.00
Class legal keel completely finished with high glass eqoxy paint - price depends on the cost of lead. $2,400.00
Instruments Options
T 061 Micro Compass W/Mast Strap
Tacktick Micro Compass System includes strap bracket $499.99
TT RM Compass
Tactick Race Master Wireless Compass System $1,699.99
M O/B Motor Mount
Transom Outboard Motor Mount $75.00
Outboard Motor Bracket
Bracket for outboard motor, fits standard transom mount. $150.00
Sail Master System
Sail master system with speed and depth transducer $1,350.00
Speed Master System
Speed master digital display with wtih speed and depth transducer $950.00
T111 Dual Digital Display
Tactic Wireless dual digital display $630.00
Optional Equipment
Win DeHumidifier
Not Available - Compact Dehumidifier $0.00
Outboard Motors
Plexiglass Parts
M Back Rest
Set of clear plastic holders for interior side compartments. $197.00
M Hatch
Sliding Cabin Hatch $190.00
M Windows
Set of Acrylic Side Windows, 1 Left/1Rright $170.00
M Shroud Backing
4' 3/4" Fiberglass G10 Rod cut into (2)2'pieces $70.00
Optional Run Rigging
M242 2/1 Jib Sheets
2:1 Jib sheets, 64ft 3/8 inch Trophy Braid, tapered and spliced w/snap hooks $240.00
M242 Cunningham
3:1 Cunningham $96.00
M242 Jib Sheets
2 Tapered Jib Sheets w/looped ends $158.00
M242 Main Halyard
85 ft custom taper main halyard with headboard shackle $190.00
M242 Main Sheet
Tapered Main Sheet $138.00
M242 Outhaul
Whcrd Shackle, Spectra Line, Single Swivel w/Becket, Becket, Boom Cleat w/Becket, single blk, eye strap $162.00
M242 Spin halyard
Custom tapered spinnaker halyard w/red trophy cover, stopper ball, whipped end and flemish eye $110.00
M242 Spinnaker Sheets
Set of tapered spinnaker sheets W/looped ends - Green Flight Line $225.00
M242 Topping Lift
Tapered Topping Lift with Whichard clip $80.00
M242 Tweeker Set
1 Set Tapered Tweeker lines with snatch blocks, shroud attachment block and cam cleat for cabin $263.00
Sails & Bags
M Spinnaker Launching Bag
20 x 28 x 14in Custom launching bag, Including mounting hardware $125.00
UL Class Race Main
Class Dacron Main - @ full battens with adjusters, loose foot, floating track slug, vision window, spreader window in luff, bag, tell tales, (3) draft stripes, sail numbers and adj leech/foot cord $2,030.00
UL Class Race Jib
Pentex jib, with zipper luff, 3 vertical battens, roll bag, tell tale window, nylon leech cord, leech tell tale, 2 draft stripes ndadj leech and foot cord. $1,060.00
UL Class Race Spinnaker
AirX 600 racing nylon, fold bag. sail numbers and any combination of available colors $1,410.00
UL Day Sail Jib
Dacron Jib, Zipper luff, verticle battens, fold bag, nylon leech tell tale, and adjustable leech and foot cord $631.00
UL Day Sail Main
Dacron Main, 2 full adjustable battens, loose foot, floating track slug, class insignia, fold bag, tell tale and adjustable leech and foot cord $1,341.00
UL Day Sail Spinnaker
Premium Nylon Spinnaker, fold bag, any combination of available colors $872.00
Storage Options
Hy Hoist Installation
Cost to install hoist $600.00
Hy Hst 2500B
Hydro Hoist $6,330.00
M242 Travel Trailer
Dual Axle, Galvanized Travel Trailer $3,290.00
M242 Yard Trailer
Single Axle, Galvanized Easy Trailer $1,950.00
Spars & Parts
M 242 Spreader Bracket
TBD Spreader Bracket W/Stiffener $0.00
M Furling Unit
Harken High Load Furling unit including drum and upper swivel. $285.00
M Headstay Shackle - Top
Headstay Upper Shackle $7.00
M Spinnaker Pole
Custom M242 Spinnaker Pole with proctor ends, trip line and upper bridle $525.00
M Standing Rigging Set
Standing Rigging Set - 2 ea Uppers, 2 ea Lowers with T-ball & toggle, Turnbuckles, & 1 forestay with marine eye each end - all 5/32Standing Rigging $480.00
M Windex LG
15' Windex $60.00
M242 Fast Tune Turning Block
1 Set of Spinlock Fast Tune Turning Buckles; Including 80ft of 5/32 1 x 19 wire and T Bars swedged is place. $748.00
M242 Headstay
Headstay 27 1/2 $71.00
Standard Running Rigging
Jib Halyard Kit
Jib Halyard with snap hook and tag line $22.00
M242 Backstay Kit
Complete Backstay set up, Including line, bottom and top blocks $155.00
M242 Boom Vang Kit
12:1 Boom Vang with lines and blocks including attachment blocks $181.37
M242 Foreguy Kit Std
Foreguy Line 3/16 Green with Snap Hook $22.00
M242 Main Cunningham
2:1 Cunningham, including Line, Adjustment Block and Attachments $66.00
M242 Topping Lift Std
Topping Lift Line with Lift Clip $31.00
M Furling Line std
M242 Roller furling line $60.00
M Jib Halyard Upper Block
Upper Jib Halyard Single Block $22.00
M Jib Sail Shackle
Jib Sail Hoisting Shackle $10.00
M Jib Sheets
55ft M242 Jib Sheets $41.00
M Jib Tack Shackle
Jib Tack Shackle $3.00
M Main Halyard
M242 Main Halyard $99.00
M Main Sheet
M242 STD Mainsheet $55.00
M Spinnaker Halyard
M242 Spinnaker Halyard $50.00
M Spinnaker Sheets
1 set of STD Spinnaker sheets $101.00
M Traveler Line
Traveler Line 20ft $12.00
M Tiller Extension
Spinlock Tiller Extension $140.00
Wood Parts
M Bulk Head
1 Set of Bulkheads with Mouldings $118.00
M Bunk Boards
Set of all 4 Side Bunk Boards $365.00
M Companionway Hatch
Companionway Hatch $150.00
(1) 1/2in MDO 21in x 33in With 2043T $80.00
M Teak Step
(1) Teak Tread $65.00
M Teak Trim
Teak Trim for Companion Way $29.00
M Tiller
Custom Laminated Wood Tiller $200.00
M242 V Bunks
1 Set of Side Bunk Boards (4) total $118.00


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